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Quality Wooden Cricket Bats, Kashmiri Willow Cricket Bats and English Willow Cricket Bats From Meerut For Cricket Champs!

An Introduction
Cricket bats, are all the same? No. Choosing the right cricket bat can be a tricky task. On one hand, it can be overwhelming to walk into a store full of bats lined up from edge-to-edge. On the other hand, one can feel really confused when it comes to choose the right one for them. As per a study, a large number of immature players, who play in their nearby grounds use the wrong bat. This is where MRS Sports Co. comes into limelight. Our company's name is synonymous with Indian Cricket sport and has set up itself as #1 Cricket Bat Brand in the country. The love of our Proprietor, Mr. Mohd. for cricket made him began business in the field of sports and he started offering a qualitative range of Wooden Willow Cricket Bat, Kashmiri Willow Srilankan Cricket Bat, Wooden Cricket Bat, Scoop Cricket Bat, MRS Kashmiri Willow Cricket Bat, Upper Blade Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, English Willow Cricket Bat and Mrs Kashmir Willow Light Weight Cricket Bat, Sports Wear, Tracksuits, Lower, T-shirts, Shorts, Sandow, Each bat is made using the wood of unmatched quality to ensure that our young players and professionals beat their own set benchmarks.

Present Status of Cricket In India
Although, the national sport of India is Hockey, yet the kind of passion that one can observe for Cricket in India can never be seen for any other sport. Initially played by the people of England using a simple ball and a stick. This outdoor sport has gained popularity all over the world since then. There's no denying to the fact, in India, every second kid aspires to become a cricketer. But, hardly they are aware of the variety of bats available in the market. In order to bring different cricket bats into limelight, we began our business in the sports domain by offering people varied assortment of Wooden Cricket Bat, Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Mrs Poplar Willow Cricket Bat and Srilankan Cricket Bat are to name a few.

Why Choose Us?
Following are factors that makes our customers choose us over our counterparts:
  • Quality: Cricket bats are carved using willow (a natural fibrous wood). We opt for the best wood for producing our quality range of Cricket Bats.
  • Variety: We have bats of different sizes, weights and wood types to meet specific needs of every player.
  • Pricing structure: Our assortment of bats is high only quality and low on prices.